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I'm a Christian woman that married a great guy and had three kids. All 4 of them keep me on my toes and are constantly making things challenging.

It would seem that there is a sort of chaos that surrounds us and I am just learning to love wrecklessly and relentlessly through it all.


Well let's see here, what don't I like to do....hmmm...I don't like to clean the bathroom or do laundry...only because i never get caught up. I do like to hang out with my husband and my kids. I enjoy gardening and trying not to kill what I plant. At least, I try to plant the stuff that I buy before it dies in the pot. I have a tendency to hack the livin' day lights out of a plant when I need to prune it. I love to stamp...especially with my sister (Stampgirl) but that doesn't happen often because we live so far away from each other. I will occasionally indulge in paper crafting things but it takes me quite some time to finish a project. Old books have always peaked my interest - if nothing else, I like to buy them to sit on the shelf. I have begun to "look into" digital photography....simply because of this blog. Cooking calms me...namely baking. My KitchenAid is my best friend in the kitchen. That should do it - believe me - I'll let you know if something else shows up!