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October 10, 2007


karrie baker

I would kill for some of Nana's rice pudding right now.... perhaps you could ship some to me? I know Dad & Barb would enjoy it too!!! LOL

M's invites turned out DARLING!! I love them! What a great Mom you are! :)

Love ya! xoxox

Sonya Gala

Trina, The Button Bear cards are adorable! You know, I too, have the CM circle cutters, and I am more than willing to lend them out to you the next time the need should arise. Just let me know.

Also, do you share your recipes...your Nana's in particular? My DH and I just LOVE custard!! yuuummm

Sharon in NE

DISMEMBERED BEARS? What kinda sicko would do that to a bear? Even somebody all hopped up on coffee and baked custard isn't going to chop up a bunch of cute little teddy bears and mail them out to children!! ....oh...its because it's a build a bear party...never mind.

Karla Shafer

The cards turned out great,that was so creative :)! And your desert sounds delicious!


Ooh Trina... can I have the recipe? It looks delish!!!

karrie baker

You've been tagged!! Check it out:

Dana Florence

Where have you been? Hope all is going well with you! I'm starting to stamp again and looking forward to this weekend when Karrie and I get together.

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