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November 14, 2007



ok, THAT was well worth the wait!
Especially if you're going to feature little wacky Weiners in there too! Arg! and
Can I just say that the picture of your girls is breathtaking??!?!? Truly stunning....Rob better put a pad lock on that shack and get ready to keep out the boys.....get ready time is moving quickly- and hormones will wait for NO one!
I'm exhausted from reliving all your trevails!....not to intentionally rhyme but with God's help you Prevailed!
Good night, MY dear, sweet, loving lady....
without you the ride wouldn't be nearly so interesting!

Karrie Baker

Okay, after all that, I just have to say... I AM EXHAUSTED!! Exhausted from just reading that mondo post of yours! Goodness, how do you do it? You need a full time assistant! LOL

Love you, love the kids & love all the Peeps in your pics! LOL


P.S. The Lord was speaking to me this morning and he told me to tell you to just say.... NO! LOLOLOLOL

Dana Florence

Thanks for catching up with all of us cyberspace buddies! You are my hero.......sure don't know how you do it all. Great pictures and fun activities. Your kids will look back on their childhood and be forever grateful for all you do. Now go pamper yourself a bit!

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