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December 29, 2007


Karrie Baker

WOW!!! Talk about chatty Kathy. Goodness girl, I know what Kevin is talking about now! LOL

See, this is what happens when you are a slacker in blogville! You need to post as things happen not post jumbo posts. LOL

Love your little Christmas tree, I think it is perfect for your home. And the twist? I would love a piece of that right about now. I wouldn't be able to taste it but just knowing what it is would be enough. :)

So hey, if you were sleeping and the kids were hanging ornaments, was Rob snapping the pictures??? Just curious.

Alright, off to clean up my stamp desk. I will chat with you later. Love ya! Kare xo

sharon in ne

Love the story about your Christmas tree. That's a God wink. Just a little something He sends you to remind you He loves you.

I will keep Toti in my prayers.


Hi Trixie! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I hope you'll become a regular visitor and stay in touch :) I think the relationship you and Karrie have is awesome - you are two lucky girls to have each other! Happy 2008! :)

Karrie Baker

I need you to POST!!! Quit telling me how tired you are and get on it. I am tired of waiting around!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

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