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May 30, 2008



Hi Trina,

Well, huuuum, this is a hard one. I like both. I must say that the clarity of the first is my fave, but the softness of the 2nd is so sweet. My vote will have to be the 1st (with 2nd close behind):)

Karrie Baker

I like them both but I have to say...I am so proud of you for using Photoshop that I am leaning towards the second one. WAY TO GO!!!! :)


Both are beautiful - but I truly admire the work in PS! Stunning!


They are both fantastic! but my fave is the second one! It would be great framed.

Dana Florence

I like them both too! Where do I sign up for the lesson?


I felt blessed by an 'offering'
The first one is the best in my book


Ditto Sonya's comments :) hard to choose but I prefer the original, very slightly.

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