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May 05, 2008



Wow! Terrific! I knew he was SMART, he found YOU! :)

Karrie Baker

You are crackin me UP! This is hysterical!!!

Nancy P.

Now this is cute!! Hey girl....thank you so much for the card!! That is such a ROCKIN' card too....LOVE it! That was so completely sweet of you!! Thanks for making my day!! I really enjoy your blog ;) I wasn't sure how to e-mail you, so I hope you will see this post!! Have a beautiful week!!

Sharon in NE

ME TOO!! I wanted to email you also but your "biography" and "interests" under the category "ABOUT" were rather limited. I love that card! I squealed like a little piggy when I discovered I got mail from you and then you can imagine the even louder squeal of delight when I saw what it was. My goodness! Your work is even more impressive IRL!! Thank you so much for that wonderful card! I am adding it to my KB shrine. :D (:) big hug!


ROFL!!!! This card is AWESOME! I love it!!

And thank you for the card, too - it rocks!! I love the little bit of rope the cowgirl is carrying :)

Have a great day! ((hugs!))

Dana Florence

This is too funny! I need to C.A.S.E. this baby!

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