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June 12, 2008



Yum... what time is dinner?!?! I'm even up for the food fight! LOL

karrie baker

You never seize to amaze me! Robert and I are wondering when you are going to cook those zucchini things for us!! LOL


The vegies look GREAT, lets fix this when you come to MT. The food fight,( did you know there was a movie about Killer tomatoes), great staging!!!! See you soon.


OK, you are having way too much fun with that food! I am jealous!!


What fun! I want to come over for dinner! :)

Sharon in NE

...well, I suppose the veggies are gone by now. Darn...I should have checked your blog sooner. Say, how come you get tomatoes so early? We're lucky to get them by the 4th of July? I am DYING for my first tomato.

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