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July 30, 2008


Sharon in NE

Watching you make the plum jelly last night had my mouth watering. (Nice tutorial by the way...not that I'm going to attempt it.) I love tonight's post too. Now THAT is focusing! Whatever the flavor is, I just bet it's wonderful on toast.


well this is the best flavor yet!!!! Cranberry Plum. I made a test batch two years ago and it was divine.The only thing is you have to get your cranberries in January fresh and then freeze them. Why January you ask? because it is next to impossible to get them now (except at Whole f$$ds) and if you freeze them in November they will be freezer burned before July.....
But anyway she forgot to tell of the wine and plum dessert we had last night also, Wine Plum OJ reduction over Lorna Doone Shortbread cookies with Whipped cream, the best TOOT TOOT!!!!!!



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