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September 18, 2008



Happy Anniversary Thunder and Lightning :) and BTW, I think you're far from musically inept :)


Well did we have the whole thing two days ago, lighting struck about 200 feet from the building that I am staying in, that was the flash and then came the bang boy was that loud. Anyway I love the song and video. I also love the UNI-TARD it is really great and yes you do give good love.
Thank you KC for the long distance dedication.


Miss Nikki ;)

Um where do I start??
Now that I've closed my mouth...I mean when did my jaw first drop? Was it the magenta jumpsuit as Rob so aptly pointed out? Or Whitney's ridiculous 'do....but the hits kept coming...the chefs coming out of the kitchen(?) with their shirts open??!?!? or was it Paula Abdul waltzing across the dance floor....well a giggle FINALLY escaped my lips when the guys in white started swaying in unison.......Talk about Good love...That was a Classic video! Oh, and yes, a sweet dedication Trix...but wow you picked a distracting visual :D

karrie baker

Happy late Anniversary! Just want you to know that I still remember all the words to this song. Amazing! LOL

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