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December 30, 2008


Karrie Baker

Big {{{HUGS}}}!!! You know how much I love you and I am here if you need to throw a cup, but only to watch, not for me to be a target. heehee

Love YOU!!! xoxox


That was so beautiful even the hot tea throwing fest! Give me a hot cup of tea I have a few to throw!

Sharon in NE

I'm in complete agreement. He wants to hear when you have issues with Him; when you're angry. It's not like He doesn't know. I also hate the molding and shaping He does, but I know in the end, it'll turn out purty! hugs.


Thanks for being transparent....God uses you in more ways than you know.

Sonya Gala

I feel you sista! I know that God wants us to love...despite all the ugliness that we go through. Thanks for sharing from your sweet heart.


Awww sweets! I'm so sorry you've been hurt, and I apologize for myself and anyone else who has hurt you so deeply. Good for you for being there, listening and reflecting... and sharing with the world via your blog.


Sending you a hug. Do you know, you were one of the first people in my Christian life to remind me of God's love and to be that vessel of love? You are a dear friend. Remember there are lots of ugly cups here in Colorado for you to throw!

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