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January 13, 2009


Sonya Gala

OK, I need to come shop at your place...parking is better, I am sure, than our new outdoor mall. lol

So, I thought about this and I would have to say that the one thing that I have an excess of is paper. Not just any paper, but pretty scrapping/stamping paper. I am fearfully behind in my scrapping, and I don't sit down to stamp nearly enough times to justify having TONS of paper. I go out to the craft stores and I see more and I want more. Where will the madness stop?? :O


Hmm... we do costco for TP and PT, but otherwise I do try to keep some essentials stocked, I used to stock up on peanut butter, but hubby thought I was nuts! When I find something I like, especially at Grocery Outlet, I buy a few, cuz they'll be gone. I have a face wash, lavendar something... that I think I'm on my last bottle of, got for $4 and its at WalMart for over $10... but I'm also accumulating way too much fabric! so if you ever need some, come shop at my house!!!


Oh my Trina...that was hilarious at first I thought it was the stock shelf at BBW! Too funny!

I like to stock up on $.99 scrapbooking stuff from know what I'm talking about..the little bins that are there just to mess with you because it's okay to buy it, it's only .99 cents! So I'm hooked I can hardly wait for the next season to come so that I can get all those goodies!! :)

Sue B

My paper crafting area's grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years so I guess I could note the paper, stamps and card stock on hand ... but besides that is needlework! I laughingly tell friends that I collect unfinished needlework projects!

Thanx for the grins!


Love this story and the pictures are great. Looks like you have stocking stuffers and early Christmas presents for next year. LOL
I seem to have a lot of sales and clearance items. Mostly they are for stamping, but I do find little goodies for the kids. Of course when it's time for birthdays I can never seem to find the item so I go shopping again to get something. OMGosh!!!
I just love vanilla and I would love to be the lucky person to when this. Thanks for a chance.


I have an overabundance of...get this....Black Beans!
Were we supposed to go into our pantry??
I love me some low sodium black beans and since we use two cans at a time to add to any quick soft taco night, etc.....we tend to go through them quickly....Anyhow, I always think I'm out and I'll come home with an armful more.
Alas, beans, beans, the magicaly fruit...


I know its too late for the giveaway, but I loved your deodorant hoarding, I had to share mine...I hoard sharpies. I love them, I have them in all colors, actually several of each color and even though I have an entire bin FULL of them I always want to buy more...

Karrie Baker

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Sharon in NE

Happy Birthday, birthday girl!!! You are a woman after my own heart. I love the vanilla stuff too. Bath and Body is my place. Here's what I hoard...I have 20+ large containers of Folgers Black Silk, DARK roast coffee AND two back up coffee makers. Bottled water too, in case of a natural disaster. I should probably get a generator, now that I think about it. I figured I could live without everything else except that. In case you're thinking you'll come to my house in the event of a disaster because we do have an extremely well built house with basement walls thick as my butt...well, I don't share very well, BUT, if you give me a box of vanilla wafers, I could probably let you have a cup or two.

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