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January 11, 2009



I was going to tell you something sweet and meaningful and decided after giving it some thought laptop and wireless internet are Awesome!!! This is definately on my top 10 of Simple Pleasures!! :)

Sonya Gala

One of my simple pleasures in my life these days is playing "Baby Bee" with my little ones in the morning. They SOOO look forward to it. They sneek into our bed in the middle of the night ;0 or better yet in the early morning and they want to play. I am the Mommy Bee and my buuuzz sound is very feminine. Jesse is the Baby Bee and his buuzz is the sweetest baby buuzzz. Isaac will usually volunteer to be the monster that wants to capture the Bee Family and eat them. gasp

See...simple, yet so fulfilling. Until they are told that I need to get up and then they pitch a fit. :)


Especially when I still have the Christmas tree up, I love being the first one up to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee with the tree lights on in a darkened room before getting the rest of the household up and moving - it's a nice quiet start to the day! In summer months I switch to sitting on the deck out back for a bit.

Having your slice of pumpkin pie with the coffee would be a nice touch right now - YUM!


a simple pleasure.. I love sitting out in the backyard with my cat. we just sit there and enjoy. she wants to be held like a baby.. *LOL* :)

Teresa Abajo

Blog hopping is one of my life's pleasures.....quickly becoming an obsession!


Hmmm...stamping! Definietly.
SCS! Inspiring blogs!

Lara's Laugh Lines

~**Happy Birthday Week! ENJOY!!**~
(a little birdie snithced & I'm not telling WHOOO)

Sure a Starbucks Grande Misto makes me grin, but I have to pay for that.

What really brings me the most joy is passing on a smile, especially to an unsuspecting stranger. Here's one for you :).


Time to myself in the morning before anyone else wakes up to have a cup of coffee and read:)

Also like the days where we don't leave the house......few and far between.


Going to buy jeans for someone who does not want new clothes...find the perfect size right away at the first store, and instead of ringing up for the sale price of $15.99, realize that they were in the wrong place and they were clearanced for $2.98...and go back and find three more of the perfect size for that price!


hi there Trixie! and happy birthday! i'm new to your blog... sent from another... so was a little surprised by your question. not surprised you asked, but surprised at how tough it is to answer. obviously, i need to scale back and focus on my simple pleasures... spending time just sitting with my husband (nothing going on, nothing we have to take care of or disucss; just hangin). thanks for the mind jog!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

My very favorite simple thing is to have a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy and cold day. And then the "not so simple" is to make a card out of the chaos and mess that took over my table...but I love, love, love doing it!

Janet B

The simple thing in life I truly enjoy is the sunshine. Every time I get to see it, it's a blessing. It makes me sit back and enjoy the rays for a few minutes. I can gather my thoughts and pull myself together, to face the day.

Kim Ross

I'm a homebody and really enjoy peace and quiet. Anytime I'm sitting quietly with my loved ones or quietly crafting and have a nice, cold soda in-hand... I'm happy as a clam.

Happy Birthday and thank you so much for the chance to win! :)


Yesterday, as I walked to the hospital to visit my baby, it was only zero (about 32F). In the midst of a Canadian winter that seems to show no abatement (especially being three hours north of my home), this was a wonderful respite. I did have my fav drink (a Earl Grey latte) and my girl is doing real well, but it was the ability to have a pleasant walk without bitter cold that was so welcoming! Cheers!

Michele Johnson

I LUV watching classic movies from the 40's and 50's, particularly, musicals with Gene Kelly and dramas with Bette Davis. The acting, stories, and fashions were captivating.


Happy Birthday to YOU!
Simply thing in life that I really enjoy is....stamping and creating something special for that special person in my life. Anytime I can put a smile on someones face it worth all the time and money. Thanks for a chance at this awesome candy.

Dancing With The Stamps

Happy Birthday! And thousand thanks for this chance to win.

I think the one thing that I enjoy most in my life are the people around me. I love to talk with my friends and family for hours, but then I enjoy being on my own for a little while. This mix is best and I don't want to miss that.


I treassure just those simple, relaxed moment at home with the husband enjoying together just watching TV!


I love evening cuddles. My son will not go to bed on time if I'm not there to snuggle. It is the time when it doesn't matter that the dishes aren't done, the laundry's not folded or the bills aren't yet paid. Everything is put on hold for that 30 minutes or so of bedtime prayers and cuddling. I'm going to miss that when he grows up.


Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance to win!

One of my simple pleasures is blog hopping with my little dog (aka my baby) sitting on my lap.


Ooh, a Trina giveaway!...My simple pleasure is a full-night's sleep...UNinterrupted :D


i really enjoy my cats :-)

karrie baker

My simple joy in life is... YOU! heehee

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