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January 02, 2009



Oh...I'm envious...that sounds like a perfect day!

Sonya Gala

What a super day you had!! I am jealous. :P So happy you had some time to do fun things this day. And can I say...your bread, well, I can almost smell it thru the screen. Do you make it all by hand or do you use a machine? I must bake some real soon. Where did you get that mondo bag of wheat flour? OK, nuf questions. Ciao!

Karrie Baker

Okay, that's it, you need to start taking your camera EVERYWHERE!! I gave you a super cool, super hip camera bag so there is NO EXCUSE for you not to!!! So there. Nuff said! LOL

Love the pics from your day. LOve YOU! xo

Sharon in NE

I'm with you (except for the bread making...I notice you can BUY that kinda stuff instead.)
What a guy to spoil you like that.
Nuf nuffs. ;)


Oh, I wish I was half as creative as you were! You have inspired me though to start toting my camera. I don't have a cool camera bag though....
Love ya dear friend.

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