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January 01, 2009


Karrie Baker

I swear...NEVER a dull moment in your family. NEVER! LOL So glad to hear the people in the accident are okay. What a scary thing.

Rob looks great as Chuck Norris. Who would have thought? :P LOLOLOL

Happy New Years Sis, I love ya!


Audrey was soo sweet.."I want my family" it made me realize that they really do see us as one unit. Not just Mommy and Daddy but a FAMILY! She was just so concerned..she is so precious! The lessons kids teach us are so priceless. May this year bring even more wonderful memories as a Family! Happy New Year!

Sonya Gala

WOW! So glad that no one was seriously injured in that accident.

Too funny 'bout your DH! heehee

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