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March 21, 2009



I'm lovin the pictures! You are seriously the coolest mom ever to take your kids on the road to see so many things! May God keep your travels safe and memorable. See you soon :D

Karrie Baker

Gorgeous pics!!! I, too, love that brand. Did you find that on the way to Flagstaff or past Flagstaff? I don't remember ever seeing that. Hmmm...

By they way, I am happy you are home although I wish you were still here in my home! xox


I love the pictures and all that the kids are learning!! Have a wonderful time in Colorado!! Blessings!

Sonya Gala

Love the pics...boy you are sure full of gumption! I would be petrified (not unlike the wood-lol) to drive around w/o hubby. You go girl!

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