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March 12, 2009


Sonya Gala

Hey Trina, Thx for sharing all the wonderful info. Sounds (and looks) like you and the children have had a great time.


Looks like you are having a great time! I'm loving the pictures and seeing all the great places you guys are getting to check out....where are you off to next????

Karrie Baker

You all taught me so much about my state while you were here. Can you come back & teach me some more??? heehee

xoxoox, kare


I like how we are developing our own SME's in the family (subject matter experts)
Pook is the native American expert he has taken in interest in this area no matter what state we are in. He can tell you the Native Americans that operate in whatever area we are in, and of course how and what they hunted (a typical guy thing).

Sis is up on the Greek and Roman cultures including Astronomy she can tell you all of the stories of the ancient world, and is now expanding to the Egyptians and Hebrews.

Little one just likes to find the fun stuff to do, and loves to dance, sing and cause trouble.

And Of course we have Trix She is the expert on the Wild West, Esp women in the west. She kicks butt in that area if you ask her she will tell you of Lewis and Clarks grand expidtion what area's they covered and what year it happened in. If you asked her about most anything to do with the western life, including the pioneers, missions, homesteaderes, Cowboys, or any other type of iteam she has an opinion and information on it. And they all love to Travel.
By the way you can now check off North Carolina off my list. However the family has one up on me, New Mexico, I have never been there.

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