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March 05, 2009



First, I HAVE to say that your MFT card is truly amazing. That should be its own blog candy! Second, thanks so much for the chance to win Karrie's owls. I love them! Now, what have I done that's out of my comfort zone? Agreed to go to a support group meeting with a friend of mine that couldn't go alone. I'm not big on things like that, but she needs me. So I'm there!

Karrie Baker

I am soooo PROUD of you! I am your #1 fan, did you know that? I am cheering for you and seriously hope that YOU are the next MFT Idol!! WOOT! WOOT! Oh my gosh, just think...I could be related to the next MFT Idol! AH!!!! That is soooooo EXCITING!!!! :)

Janet B

The one thing I did lately that was definitely out of my comfort zone was to enter a designer call. It was tough--and whether or not I win--I learned alot.

Love your cards and thanks for the chance to win.


Well I will say this I AM YOU #1 FAN NOT Karrie. Tell her sorry about that but I took that spot. But I thank her for being your #2 fan and a great job she does also.
Well I am soooooo happy that you have done this, and I am very proud of you. I hope and pray that this leads to more things like this. You are the most talented and creative women that I know, go for it. A whole world crafty world is waiting for you.



MFT is going to love that card!!!! Steven says to say "hi" to Chase, and the girls too, but mostly Chase. He really had a nice time last week.


Yeah Trina...I hope you win!!That card is awesome! I stepped out of my comfort the other day when I noticed a women crying right when I walked out of a room and I stopped and asked her if I could pray for her!! This is out of my comfort zone because I would have probably just kept walking and prayed for her as I walked away! Praise God!


Good luck in the MFT Idol contest!!! I love the rope accent!

K, something that was out of my comfort zone... I recently reconnected with some college friends on Facebook, including my college ex. (we are both happily married.) This week while I was visiting family in PA he asked me to go to lunch with him and I did. We actually had a good time (not terribly weird) and I was really glad I did. We were really good friends a long time ago and it was nice that we could forget the past and still be friends.

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