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March 08, 2009


Janet B

What a cute card! Thanks for sharing it, and for the blog candy---those owls are darling!


Hi Trina...can't wait until you get home...Mia misses Audrey!! What cheers me up....some pink milk!! :) lol I'll have a glass just for you!!

Joan D.

Hey Trix! Looks like you've had so much fun in Arizona. :)
What cheers me up ... hearing belly laughs from the kids. Will make me smile anyday!

Sonya Gala

Well, I have been sick in bed for 5 days!! A world record for me. DH is about to trade me in for a new and improved model!! So, things have been very crazy 'round here. My boys have truly picked up the slack, but come meal time...well...just how long can I pass off peanut butter sands as dinner?? Huuumm? :O

What cheers me up during those crazy times is just plain 'ole quiet time with the familia. I love to have the boys jump up on my bed, pop in a good movie, pop some corn and just BE.


Guaranteed pick-me-up when I'm down... snuggling my Golden Retriever. He seems to be made for it, and loves it more than anything; including his food. We call him our lovebug. Okay, we also call him Bubba, punkinhead, Tucker (official name), and anything else that comes to mind. Like Dog!

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