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August 02, 2010



Aww nothing like our kids growing older right in front of our eyes to humble us :)


She looks absolutely stunning! I love the cut:) Strap in, because from here on out time just passes so quickly.

Hot Rocks

WOW!!! I do love her haircut it makes her look soooo beautiful and sooo much older. I was depressed that I was unable to be there for this act of kindness that she has wanted to do for so long.

Love You Makayla!


I LOVE it! She looks beautiful!


LOVE the new haircut. I might take this to my stylist and ask for the same. :)

I did locks for love last year, and my guy cut about 4 inches too much. I about died. Of course, I had to go to a holiday dinner that night. LOL!

Karrie Baker

She is so beautiful. xoxox


Simply Beautiful! :)

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