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January 13, 2011



Syria's besieged chairman says he regrets his soldiers shot down a Turkish jet pattern month but insisted they reasoned the level belonged to Israel.

"I would not request it for any flat other than an rival one. Especially in search a Turkish glide, I prognosticate 100%, if on the contrary we did not fire it down," President Bashar al-Assad told Turkey's Cumhuriyet newspaper in an evaluation published Tuesday.

"The Turkish people are our brothers and something that would manufacture them shabby would not in a million years make me beneficial and it did not. If this was an Israeli plane, of way, I would own been happy."

The June 22 shootdown of a Turkish F-4 Phantom jet with pilots without helmets came after Israeli planes adapted to the same pretence passage three other times, al-Assad said. Israel and Syria are longtime adversaries.

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